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How about a 475 parfait tour?

There are many delicious fruits and vegetables in the western part of Tottori Prefecture. 475 Parfait is available not only in cafes, but also in hotels, izakayas, Italian restaurants, and confectionery shops (yakiniku restaurants also offer meat parfaits!). This year, shops in Sakaiminato City and Hokuei Town will be added, and 17 different kinds of parfaits are waiting for you.


What is 475 Parfait?

The food and food industry has been greatly affected by the corona misfortune. 475 Parfait was born as restaurant operators gathered to create a new specialty of Yonago, along with the slogan of this unprecedented crisis as an opportunity.
475 Parfait is a five-story parfait reminiscent of the Yonago Castle tower. Each shop is devising its own unique parfait.

Please enjoy Yonago's new specialties full of originality. ​

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